Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Om Tarred"

Traveling wears Haley out.  Apparently.

As we are driving down the road we hear great big yawns and sighs.  Haley announces that she is tired.  It sounds like "Om Tarred."  Like she suddenly has a southern accent.  Well, maybe not a southern accent, perhaps an accent from the Oklahoma hills.

It cracks me up.

Everything will be quiet for a while.  We might hear the rustle of the plastic bag that Haley carries her toys in now or a quiet conversation that she is having with one of her Scheich horses. 

Then it starts.

We here a small yawn and a sigh. 

Then a louder yawn. 

Then she says "OM TARRED!" 

Her sister asks if she is sleepy. 

"Yeah.  Yeepy."

"Why don't you take a nap?" her sister offers.

Then we hear "snoring."

Then Haley says "Wake up."

Her sister says "Oh are you awake now?"


And the cycle starts again.

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