Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Whistle

We are on the road.  Heading to Montana.

As usual Haley packed her toys about a week ahead of time.  She also packed her videos and her suitcase.  I had to repack the suitcase, but I didn't mind.  It helped her to prepare to pack it herself and it got her out of my hair for a little while.

Her Dad asked me if I had looked at her toy bag. 

I hadn't.

I did know where it was.  She had started making a pile of things in our entry right in the path that we would take if we were heading out to the garage.  Remember that was a week before we were planning on leaving.  I had to move her pile.  I told her that I found a really good place for her things and put them in the front room.

There were three bags: her green purse had several Schleich animals in it, a small purse had several Cars cars in it and then a large plastic bag that she got at the National Train Day was full of dolls, cars and other Schleich animals.

I looked through them.  I didn't see any problem with it.  I left them there.

When it was time to leave her Dad thought she had too much.  I told him that we would be gone a while and where we were going there are no toys.  I thought it would be good if she had some variety.  He let it go.

After we had been driving for about two and a half hours we heard a train whistle coming from the back seat.  Haley had packed the wooden whistle that she had gotten at National Train Day.  Her Dad and I both looked in that bag and neither one of us saw that whistle.

The nice thing is that she didn't blow it loud.  She really doesn't do that.  When she first got the whistle she couldn't even make a sound on it.  I tried to show her how to blow on it, but no sound came out when she tried.  Haley put it on a shelf in our family room and left it there.  Soon her Dad came down and blew into it.  He blew really loud.  She tried it again and this time she made a sound. 

She doesn't blow really hard into it like so many kids do when they have a whistle like that.  She actually makes it sound like a steam train whistle. 

Each steam engine has a very unique sounding whistle.  I can tell the difference between different whistles, I couldn't tell you which train was making which whistle, but I can tell that they are different.  Haley mimics them perfectly, without the aid of a wooden whistle.  So when she blows into the wooden whistle it has a unique sound.  It is actually kind of pleasant.

The first time she did it her Dad and I were both started, mainly because we had both looked in her bag and hadn't seen it.  We made that comment to each other. 

We didn't comment about it to her.  She blew it about three times and then put it back in the bag.  A little while later she did it again.  Just the same, a few times and that's all. 

So far it is not a problem.  I may have to take it away from her, but not yet.

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