Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Drama

There has been a lot of drama around here lately. 

Some good, some not so good.

I will start with the good.

Haley loves to watch videos.  She watches many videos a day.  Sometimes the same video over and over all day long.  Sometimes a different video is put in after the last one ends.  She (we) have watched some videos so many times that she (we) have them memorized.

I can't help it.  I have the kind of memory and flair for the dramatic that I tend to repeat what has been said on the screen.  Or I anticipate it.

Haley does the same thing.

It started a long time ago.  She would mimic what was happening on a video.  Not really saying the same words, but making sounds that sounded like what had just been said.  Especially if it was said with enthusiasm.  Later on she would repeat the last word of a sentence.  Then some time later she started anticipating what the character was about to say.  She also reacted to what was said.  She would laugh if something was funny, or silly, or scary. 

I mean it might have been scary to another kid, but to her apparently it was funny.  Her favorite characters seem to be the villains.

This week something has changed.

Not only is she saying full phrases (not just the last word) she is saying them with the character.  She is acting them out.  If the character turns to the left when they say it she does too.  If they flourish with their arms, so does she. 

It is fascinating to watch. 

And, like I said, I have a tendency toward the dramatic so I have a tendency to join her.

The Drama...

Now the not so good.

Haley does chores for money.  She has been doing really well with the chart on the refrigerator that tracks her money. She had been earning money for a train video by taking out the recycling.  Most of the time I just say "Haley, can you take out the recycling?"  and she comes running.  Sometimes she doesn't and I have to remind her the reason she does it.  "Haley, do you want to earn a dollar?"  She says "Yeah."  And then she does it.  If her Dad asks her she usually gives him the "teenager grunt" and doesn't move.  Then I ask her and she complies.

The other day I asked her to take out the recycling. 

She didn't move.

I reminded her about the money.


I told her that if she didn't get up and do it that I would. 

Still no response.  So I took it out. 

When I came back in and put the basket back in the pantry she walked in to the room and pointed at the white board.  I told her that I would not be putting an 'X' on the board because she did not do the job. 

She threw herself on the floor and had a fit.  She pointed to the refrigerator and yelled "Money!"

"Haley, I took out the recycling by myself.  You didn't help me.  You didn't earn any money."

Her fit went on for quite a while. 

I left the room.

The Drama...


  1. Ah. Haley and Max should never get together, because all they'd do is watch videos! Max loves them, too. That is wonderful she is saying full phrases! If the videos inspired Max to do that, I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about his watching them.

    We should get Max a chore chart. Money doesn't yet inspire him. It's all about chocolate ice-cream!



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