Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Riddance

I finally took down and put away all of the Christmas decorations.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Christmas decorations. 

It is just that putting away the decorations means putting away the Christmas videos, specifically How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Don't get me wrong, I love How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

The original, that is.  Not the remake with Jim Carrey.  I really don't like that one.  I didn't like it the first time I saw it and I still don't after I have seen it, oh, about a thousand times.

We have about eight Christmas videos.  I pack them with the decorations, because I thought they would be a little more special that way.  Haley loves videos.  She watches them a lot.  She likes to watch the same videos over and over again.  

This is true of the Christmas videos as well.

For the most part I like the Christmas videos that we have, but we do have Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, I don't like that one.  I liked it at first, but it is another one that doesn't hold up after about a hundred viewings.

Haley's favorites have always been the Grinches, both of them.  This year they ramped up to the only ones she wanted to watch.  So it was one or the other.  She did watch a few minutes of a train video every once in a while, but for the most part it was "all Grinch all the time."

It has really gotten to the point that I can't stand either one of them, and that is sad.  Haley's Big Sis got so tired of it that she relegated Haley to watching the DVD's on the computer so that they weren't on the TV. 

I was with her on that one. 

That meant Haley was in another room and if we could hear it we would yell "Haley, turn it down!"  If she did we were happy.  If she didn't we got up and turned it down for her - man I wish I could lock the volume on that laptop!

So, anyway, putting away Christmas meant putting away the Grinches.

It was a relief.

Haley has figured out how to watch them on YouTube, however, so that is not the end of it.


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