Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Countdown

I didn't tell her.  Her Dad says he didn't tell her.  And as upset as her Big Sis is I am pretty sure that she didn't tell her.

Somehow she just knows.

We are planning a trip to visit my Mom in Montana.

She just started talking about it one day.  She wanted me to write it on the calendar.  I decided to count down to the day that we would leave.  So instead of just pointing to the day that we plan to leave I wrote the numbers of days until we leave on the calendar.  That was back when there were twelve days to go.

It took Haley several days to get that concept, but I think she has it now.

She really wants to pack.

She keeps making piles of DVDs.  Her toy purses have been packed solid for awhile now.

I told her we would pack when there were three days left.

If she asks I point to the calendar and say "What day is today?"  when she points to it I ask her what the purple number is.  The purple number is the number of days until we leave.  Then I say "When we are on the day with the purple three that is the day we will pack."

It is getting close.

I wonder if she will notice.

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