Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Quite Enough

During dinner last night Haley was pointing to a model of the Daylight steam engine in her Historic Rail catalog.  It was a model of the engine when it was painted red, white and blue as the American Freedom Train. 

She wanted to know how many dollars it was.  I looked and told her it was $185.00.

She pointed at several other things in the catalog during dinner.  Some videos and some puzzles and a t-shirt.

After dinner I was in my office when I heard a sound that I didn't recognize. 

I went in to the kitchen to find that Haley had dumped her wallet on to the island and was counting her money.  She was counting it one, two, three even though she had many different kinds of coins.

I reminded her the difference between the coins.  We talked about the dime being 10 cents and the nickle being 5 cents and the penny being 1 cent.  Then I helped her count her change.  She had 85 cents.

She pointed to her catalog again and said "Money."

"Haley, that model is $185 dollars.  You have 85 cents.  That's not even 1 dollar."

I know she doesn't get it. 

I don't know when she ever will, but she is definitely thinking.

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