Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking Care of Business

Sometimes I feel like a slave.  Or a short order cook.  Or something.

When Haley is home and awake I am at her beck and call.  If she wants something to eat or drink she comes to me.  It doesn't matter who else is home.  Who else is sitting right next to her.  She comes to me.

Lately I have been trying to get her to do more for herself.

The other night she wanted some juice.  It was getting pretty close to bedtime and I really didn't want her having another glass of anything.

I said No.

She whined, like she does.  Then I said "If you are thirsty get a glass out of the cupboard and put some water in it."

I got a grunt.

So I walked up behind her and I showed her where the glasses are kept in the cupboard.

She knew that already.

Then I showed her how to turn on the water.

She knew that already.

Then I showed her how to hold the glass under the water.

She knew that already.

I said "See, you have a drink of water."

Well, apparently that was all it took.

The next time she wanted a glass of juice and I didn't want her to have one I said "Get yourself a glass of water."  And she did it.  She has done it about four times in the last week or so.

Just a few minutes ago I heard her go to the cupboard and get a glass.  She got herself a drink of water.  She didn't ask me for anything.

She just did it.

I am so proud of her right now.  She can take care of business.

I should have known that already.

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