Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Bit Groggy

Last week for Spring Break we went to Montana to see my family.  

Haley got to hold her one year old cousin on her lap and give her some hugs.  She also got to play with my Mom's cat Scooter a lot.  Scooter is normally a very anti-social cat, but since my niece arrived on the scene he seems to appreciate the companionship of people a lot more.

It was nice to visit my Mom for several reasons, not the least of which was I got a full night's sleep almost every night.  Haley didn't wake me up in the middle of the night at all.  She slept on a mattress on the floor right next to me.  

I don't know if that is why.  

Maybe it is because the room we slept in is very dark at night, or because there are no sounds outside.  Other than the occasional train that goes right by my Mom's house.  

Whatever the reason I really enjoyed it.  

At dawn when some light finally came in to the room Haley would wake up and go downstairs quietly on her own.  She had her laptop set up on a small desk in the kitchen, right next to the space heater.  She was perfectly happy.  Her Dad usually got up shortly after she did.  I slept until I heard my Mom get up (there is something about her voice, even at this age I cannot ignore it.)  I would look to my right and my husband was gone, then I would look to  my left and my daughter was gone.  I never heard either one of them get up.

So, now that we are home things have changed a little bit.  Haley did sleep through the night a couple of nights.  She has been getting up when my alarm goes off or just before it goes off.  She comes in to my room and I look at the clock.  I figure it is close enough to the time to get up and I tell her she can go downstairs.  

That has happened several times.

So this morning, when she opened the door to my room, I glanced at my alarm clock.  I said "You can go downstairs, Haley."  She quietly shut the door.  I laid there for a second and then I looked at the clock again.  I jumped up and caught her half-way down the stairs.  I said "I'm sorry Haley, it is not time to go downstairs.  Come back up."  

She turned and headed back up the stairs.  As she climbed in to bed I apologized again and told her that sometimes (especially when I am a bit groggy) a two can look like a five on my alarm clock.

I am so glad that I looked again.  She would have happily sat downstairs playing on the computer for three hours before I finally got up, but she would have been the one that was a bit groggy during school.

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