Tuesday, July 31, 2012

John Deere Green

I painted Haley's nails before we went to Disneyland.  They were looking really good.  It had been awhile since I had painted them and I was impressed to find them grown out past the ends of her fingers.

When we got back from Disneyland that was no longer the case.

I looked at them a couple of days after we got home and was very disappointed to see that she had been chewing on them again.  The cuticles were red and ragged.  I said "Haley you need your nails fixed."  She left the room.

Pretty soon she came back with a bottle of fingernail polish.  She held it out to me and said "Tree Farm."  The polish was green.  I laughed.

"Is that Tree Farm green?" I asked.

She said "Yeah."

I actually think that she meant that she wanted her nails painted in preparation of our tree farm camping trip, but it worked.  The color was actually called "Green Tea" but it looked more like John Deere Green to me, which is appropriate, because when we are at the tree farm Haley will get to ride Grandpa's tractor.

She knows that is the case now, for sure.  She talked to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone the other night and they told her that she would be able to ride the tractor on the tree farm.

So here are Haley's Tree Farm/John Deere Green nails.

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