Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just Too Much

Haley was really letting us know how she felt.  She told me she was done when she had stood still waiting for fireworks for twenty minutes after being up for eighteen hours with only a two hour nap.  She told me she was tired over and over again.  She knew when she wanted to stop.  She knew when she needed to rest.  

She was the most sensible of us all.

On the third day of our vacation our family went out for breakfast at the Storyteller Cafe in the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.  It was really a wonderful meal.  Afterward I texted my brother to find our where his family was.  They were already in the park, just about to get on a ride.  Haley wanted to go back to the hotel room after breakfast.  I told her that we were going to go back to Disneyland.  She started getting upset.  Her Big Sis told her that we might see Winnie the Pooh.  That got her attention.

When we entered the park Haley wanted to ride the Disneyland Railroad again.  We got off of the train at the New Orleans Square and headed straight for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  After that we had to hit the shop outside the ride,  Haley just could not pass up a chance to shop.

My Mom really wanted to go for a ride on the sternwheeler The Mark Twain Riverboat so we headed to Frontierland.  My brother and his family weren't there yet so we decided to raft over to Tom Sawyer Island.  Haley did not the like raft.  She did not like the island either.  She was really not liking much anymore.  To her credit the island was dusty and hot and really the only things to do were go in to caves, walk across rickety bridges or climb stairs.  Those are things that Haley does not like, not to mention the idea of getting on a raft to get there and back.  She was not having fun.

Finally my brother and his family were getting close so we got in line for the sternwheeler.  Once we were on the boat Haley and her Big Sis found a place to sit and that is where they stayed for the entire ride.  Since we were so close we all decided that it would be fun to do the Pirates of the Caribbean ride again.  It was just as much fun as the first time.  

Haley's Big Sis had made it her mission to meet Merida from Brave so we split up again.  My husband went with my brother and his family and Haley, Big Sis, my Mom and I headed for Fantasyland.  We made a plan to meet at Mickey's Toontown at 2:00 pm.  Since we were in Fantasyland Haley got to ride the carrousel again and then we went on Pinocchio's Daring Journey.  Haley's Big Sis was still in line and my Mom was hungry so we decided to get a snack and sit down for a while.  We decided to eat at the Troubador Tavern which is just outside the Princess Fantasy Faire, it was still really hot where we chose to sit.  When Haley's Big Sis found us it was time to meet the rest of my family at Toontown.

When we went in to Mickey's Toontown we were all tired and hot.  It seemed to just get hotter as we walked around.  My niece and nephew found a roller coaster and Haley's Big Sis went with them.  We asked Haley if she wanted to ride on the roller coaster.  She shook her head "no."  We asked her if she wanted to sit down, she shook her head "no."  We asked her if she was having fun, she shook her head "no."  I looked at my Mom, "Is it time to go back to the hotel?"  Haley said "Yeah!" and started walking.  

My Mom, my husband and I followed her.  When I caught up to her she said "All done!"  She was so excited.  I knew that she meant it.  My brother and the rest of the family were going to meet us at the hotel when the kids got off of the roller coaster.  My husband had an appointment to get a rental car and my brother was going to take him to the airport so it was a good time to stop for the afternoon.

We caught a ride on the Disneyland Railroad one more time and headed back to the hotel.

Everyone took a nap, but my niece and I, neither one of us can sleep in the daytime. After a couple of hours I woke everyone up and we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  We thought it would be a nice change of pace for all of us to eat a nice meal together.  It was nice for a while, but I could tell that even with a nap Haley was done.  I called my Mom over and asked her if she really had her heart set on going back to the park.  She told me that she wanted to ride a few more rides, but asked me why I was asking.  I told her that I really couldn't see Haley going back to the park.  I think that she had been having fun, but she was just at her limit.  

Mom agreed to stay at the hotel with Haley.  

It turned out the be the best thing.  When I told Haley she was going back to the hotel she seemed so relieved.  As soon as they were back in the room Haley laid down on the couch.  She wasn't there for very long when she started to fall asleep.  My Mom asked her if she wanted to get her pajamas on and get in bed.  She jumped up and said "Yeah."  

So for the first time in three nights she was in bed by 9:00 pm like she is used to.

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