Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Got Words

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know the mystery that is the Magic White Board.  You probably also know about the wonderful notebook that Haley received from our neighbor for Christmas. 

The notebook has become the traveling Magic Notebook.

Haley loves her notebook.  It goes everywhere with her.  Except school.  Otherwise, everywhere.

Haley loves to write in her notebook and draw in her notebook. 

She has started drawing faces in her notebook, which I particularly love.

She really likes me to write in her notebook.

She brings it to me and dictates.  I write what she tells me.  She usually dictates one word at a time, thinking about each word.  At the beginning of this process I spelled the words out loud as I wrote them.  I thought that maybe she could learn to spell that way.  She seemed to like it a first, but then she got impatient with me and just wanted me to write the words.  Sometimes the words become little sentences.  I have started to encourage that.
Sometimes when she gets quiet and I go to check on her I find her tracing her words.

She also likes to circle them.

She brings the notebook to church and writes in it during Confirmation class.  Sometimes I cheat and add words that she didn't dictate.   Words like Jesus and Baptism and Sacrament.  Pastor always give the kids paper and pencils and encourages them to doodle or take notes during class.  Haley does that too, but she also uses her notebook.  I think it helps her to focus and listen.  I hope.

Sometimes she brings the book to me, but she doesn't want me to write anything.  She just wants to talk about the words on the page.  I usually make her read the words to me.

I am sure you have noticed a theme.  A few words that are repeated.  Words like tree farm, Grandpa, Grandma, tractor ride, tent, trees, fire.  Haley still wants to go camping at the tree farm.  She brings me the notebook on a fairly regular basis and starts a new page.  The words vary little. 

It is her way of telling me what she wants.

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