Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Schedule

Summer is here.  Well, summer vacation...the weather, not so much.

Haley has adapted to her summer schedule swimmingly.  It took her several days, but she is now "sleeping in" which for her is 6:00 am rather that 5:00 am.  In fact she did wake up at 5:00 am this morning, but she wanted to be covered back up again.

She then proceeds to get herself dressed.  She has come up with some really cute outfits so far.  She doesn't change her pull-up, which would be nice, but getting dressed is a good first step.

She doesn't seem very hungry in the morning.  I have to practically force her to eat breakfast, but she is ready for "lunch" by 10:30 am.  I actually think she ate lunch early at school.

She has been keeping herself busy.  She is on her laptop.  She watches movies.  She has been playing with her horses and her dolls.  She even got her Polly Pockets out the other day, she hasn't played with them in a long time.  The thing that keeps her most occupied is her Magic Notebook.  She wants me to write in it all the time.  She traces the words I write.

Every page is full of the same words:

Grandpa  Grandma  Haley  camping  tent  fire  chairs  sleeping bag  tree farm  trees

I started writing sentences for her.

I want to walk in the trees.   Sit with me, Grandpa.  Hi, how are you?  I am good.  I love you.

She has been planning this trip to the tree farm for a long time, but she still has a long time to wait.  And something fun is happening before then.  We are going to Disneyland.  I was reluctant to tell her, like I always am, but if she can plan this long to go camping at the tree farm maybe she can handle knowing about this trip.

So today I asked her if I could write some words in her book.  She said "Yeah." and handed it to me.  I wrote the names of everyone that is going on our trip and then I wrote Disneyland.  I read it to her.  She repeated it.  No big deal.

A little while later her Dad walked in the room and she showed him the notebook.  He seemed surprised when he read the words.  He asked her about it.  Then she got excited.  He told her that she might see some of her favorite characters at Disneyland.

He started naming some of them.

She said "Aladdin?"

We said "Yes."  I told her she might see some princesses.  She said "Belle?"

We said "Yes."   

"Beast?"  "Yes."

Dad said "Lightning McQueen." 

She said "Mater."

We said "Yes."

She said "Tarzan?" 

We said "Yes."

I think she gets it.

She brought me the notebook a little while later and we added more characters.  So now there really is some Magic in that Magic Notebook.

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