Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Milestones

Last year at this time I did a recap of the prior year.  I enjoyed it so much I have decided to do it again this year.

The following are my favorite posts of 2012.

In January I wondered What She Can Do? and she answered me.  Haley seemed to be making strides, I don't know if she really was or if I was just noticing her accomplishments because I was focused on them.  I was so proud of her when she said "Dad. Dinner. Ready.", when she stepped off of the bus and told me a Beautiful story and also at the end of the month when the Evolution of a Hug was complete.

In February Haley was Amazing!  and she left me Bustin' with Pride!

In March we got so excited when Haley said "No."  I imagine that most parents don't like to hear the word No from their children, but in our case (there's that word again) it meant that she was Correct!

I was so proud of Haley at the end of March for Taking Care of Business, but by the end of April I learned that Independence Can Backfire!

There were some ups and downs in May, but one of my favorites was Haley's notebook.  Got Words?

In June I only posted twice, but they were very fun.  At the beginning of the month you could read about Our Experiment and at the end of the month she was getting used to the Summer Schedule, with a little surprise!

The surprise was a trip to Disneyland in July!  I chronicled our trip from beginning to end.  It was Incredible and we had a lot of fun.  Apparently it wore me out because I didn't blog at all in August, but we did finally go camping at the Tree Farm.  Haley loved every minute of it. 

In September our summer routine was over, but I don't know if we were Ready for School.

In October I decided to challenge myself and write a blog post a day.  I did the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge for Down Syndrome.  It truly was a challenge for me, sometimes I was blogging late at night when I should have been sleeping.  I did capture some good moments though.  I was really excited to get a note from Haley's Teacher, "B" and the Awesome Greeting I got one day after work.  I hope you liked the post about Haley's favorite steam engine and the fact that along with Haley you got to Feel It.

In November I tried to focus on Gratitude.  It was a very busy month and so was December.  I didn't keep up with this blog like I wanted to, but there were More Thanks.

Here's to 2012!  It was a great year.

~Haley's Mom

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