Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Notice that I didn't say "Happy."  

Not that I don't wish you a "Happy New Year!"  It is just that right now that is not the word I would use to describe my state.  

Or Haley's.

Haley has been up since 5:30 am.  I got to sleep until 8:00 am, which is cool, but that just meant that I had two and a half hours to catch up on as far as Haley was concerned.

She needed help finishing her dressing (she really didn't, but she expects it) she wanted pancakes for breakfast, she wanted me to write words on a piece of paper and then on the Magic White Board.  I had plans too, but she didn't consider that.  I actually would have preferred watching the Rose Bowl Parade and drinking a cup of coffee, but I didn't.  

I wanted to get our dinner in to the crock pot so I spent several hours standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables and washing my hands so that I could write some words for Haley and then back to the vegetables and then the process repeated.  Then I made Haley her pancakes.  Something that should have taken all of ten minutes took too long.  

I didn't eat breakfast until around 10:00 am.

Now when you read this you might think to yourself "Oh, how cute, Haley wanted words written on the Magic White Board."  Yeah.  Not so much.  

I was busy.  

Like I always tell Haley, my hands were busy, so I tried to tell her how to spell the words so she could write them herself.  That worked at first.  In fact I was quite surprised that it worked, but not for long.  The perfectionist in her was not happy with that approach.  Not only that, but it was too slow for her.  She wanted the words written quickly.  So after much yelling, and grunting and throwing herself on the floor and after I had to stop and wash my hands a dozen times we managed to write "Grandpa, Grandma, The Grinch, I love you, Grandpa, Midnight, May and Chocolate."  

Those last are the names of some of her new horses.

After all of that I erased the December calendar and began to write in the calendar for January.  That prompted Haley to want me to write some more words.  "Heather, house, hugs, Come in, and Here we are."  You can see where this is going, can't you?  She wants to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house now.  

We just got home from a trip to my Mom's in Montana - we spent a week there to celebrate Christmas.  I told her we don't have any plans to travel for a while.  We are going to stay home, since we just came home from a trip.  She started screaming "TRIP!" and other things.  In fact she just started screaming.  She literally stared at me and screamed at her highest pitch over and over and over.  I asked her to stop.  Then she stood up on the sofa.  I asked her to get down.  She did, but she screamed "DOWN!" over and over and over.  I tried to ignore her.  As if.  Pretty soon she got quiet, I think she was getting tired.  

She watched a DVD for a little while so I started writing this post.  Then she requested pasta.  So I have been up and down several times making pasta and serving her.  She has asked for more twice.  It is almost gone.  

I wonder what will be next.

So, I wish you peace in the New Year and for the rest of the day I wish a little peace and quiet for myself.

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