Friday, December 3, 2010

The Next Thing

As I was helping Haley get dressed this morning she looked over at the tiny calendar that hangs on the wall by her bed and said "Christmas presents coming."  So I guess that is what's next.

Then we went in to the bathroom to comb her hair and brush her teeth and she kept talking about Christmas presents.  I asked her what she wanted for presents.  She said "Green. Red." 

"Oh, you are talking about the wrapping paper.  What do you want to be in the presents?"

She thought about that for a moment and then she said, "Horses, mmmm, horses, dolls, mmmm, horses, mmmm, horses, cars, trains, mmmm, horses, horses."

Well, that was easy.

We went downstairs and she headed for the laundry room to see Shadow like she usually does.  I got her shoes and her coat out of the closet and went around the corner to wait for her.  She followed me around the corner and I looked up to see that she was carrying a box.  I was startled.  I looked at it.  She had gotten out the box of wrapping paper.  I told her we didn't have time to do any wrapping because the bus would be here soon and I put the box away.  Then she got mad at me. 

"Presents!" she yelled.  Oh, joy! 

"Haley, we will be able to open presents on Christmas Day, today is the 3rd so we have 22 days to wait." 

"22 days."


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