Saturday, December 4, 2010

O Christmas Tree

When Haley was small we had a real tree and we had lots of beautiful Hallmark ornaments that we had given each other as gifts since we were married. We had those ball ornaments that will break if they touch each other. The tree was decorated with cute little figures.  Haley loves little figures. She likes to hold them.  She reached for one and pulled and the entire tree came down on top of her, breaking most of those beautiful delicate ornaments.

So now our tree is small, simple and unbreakable.

We have an artificial tree that is about five and half feet tall and we decorate it the same every year. I bought three sets of unbreakable ball ornaments that are blue, red, green and purple with gold designs. I bought six golden crosses which are also unbreakable and a set of 12 plastic icicles.  That is all we put on the tree besides lights and a garland of sparkly gold.
I think it is pretty and the girls can help me decorate it; I don't worry about them breaking anything or putting an ornament in a wrong spot.  It is easy and simple.  It speaks to many compromises I have made over the years. 

We decorated the tree today. 

Haley got to help put the ornaments on. 

I have to guide her hand because she can barely hold on to the ornament let alone find a branch and then leave it on the branch. 

She put two on with my help and then she was happy to just hand them to me.

I like it when she feels like she is helping and she doesn't get stressed out because she can't do it herself. 

Our tree is also quick, I think we decorated it less than thirty minutes.  Again, no stress.

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