Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ticket to Ride

On Sunday we went for a ride on the Holiday Express.  This years train was pulled by the 4449 Daylight, one of Haley's favorite steam engines.  The day was very rainy, but not cold. 

Haley loved the ride as evidenced by her brightly colored cheeks.

She loved that she could hear the Daylight's whistle from her seat in the plush festively decorated car.

She got very excited when Santa Claus came through the car with jingle bells ringing saying "Ho Ho Ho," but she was most excited to go shopping.

The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation set up a tent so that people can wait in line for the train out of the elements and also so that they can peruse the items that they are selling to support the building of the new roundhouse that will some day house the SP 4449 Daylight, the SP&S 700 and the OR&N 197.  Haley gleefully took every written piece of information about her favorite engines which included the Newsletter that updated us on the state of the new roundhouse.  The newsletter is well done and it makes us really excited to see construction begin.

Haley loves shopping.  She kept talking about shopping for clothes, which she did, but shopping for anything with the Daylight, it's logo or the 700 and it's logo on it is her favorite kind of shopping.  Haley bought two t-shirts and a new jacket.  The first picture on this blog is one of the t-shirts she got.

This is the shirt that shows all three engines.

Here is her Daylight jacket.

I have been eyeing the jacket for awhile, I just really wanted to try it on her so this was the perfect opportunity.  Haley also got a DVD about the Holiday Express.

We would love to support the building of the new roundhouse even more if we could.  The only times that we can experience these engines is when they are out on excursions, the rest of the time they are locked up tight inside a building that is too dangerous to visit.  We look forward to the day that we can go to OMSI and buy a ticket and visit these big beautiful engines whenever we want to, but until that day comes we will continue to do our part to support the work of the ORHF by letting Haley shop.


  1. That first picture of Haley is one of the cutest I've seen. She looks so adorable peeking over her glasses. Love it.

  2. Thanks Linda,the bright red cheeks do it for me.



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