Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Time to Every Purpose

Last night I went out with four of my girlfriends.  We talked candidly about ourselves and our families.  We laughed a lot.  I had a wonderful time.  It was a well timed diversion.

I was out rather late and when I got home I watched television (Hulu) for a while before I went to bed.  Haley woke me up twice in the night to be changed and tucked back in bed.  So I was tired this morning and I slept in.

Apparently nothing happens around here without me. 

Haley needed to be changed again when I woke up and she hadn't eaten breakfast.  She came downstairs with me like she usually does in the morning and we had breakfast.  Her Dad came in from the garage and started getting his lunch ready, because he had been up since morning and was on his normal routine. 

Haley got up from the table and opened the freezer.  She decided that she needed lunch too, never mind that there was still cereal in her bowl.

I tried to explain to her that she was eating breakfast and that she didn't need to eat lunch, just because her Dad was eating lunch, but it didn't matter to her.  I offered her some of the grape salad that I had left over from a potluck that I attended last week.  That sounded good to her, so she ate it.

I took a shower and got dressed and then sat down at the computer and she brought me a package of pasta.  I went through the whole spiel again about how she didn't need to eat lunch, but she wouldn't quit.  I reheated some pasta and sauce that I found in the refrigerator and set her up at the table again. 

I don't know what I would do without a microwave!

She seems to be satisfied, for now.

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