Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday Field Trip

Haley's class sometimes walks to a local grocery store on Fridays to purchase ingredients that they cook with in class.  It is a neat program and they get to eat what they make.

Haley likes the field trip because they stop at a pet store.  She likes to look at the animals.

On Friday when she got off of the bus she told me that she went to the "animal store" and saw "kitties" and "birds."

I have mentioned before that I get a form that comes home with Haley that tells me what went on at school.  Sometimes the form is informative, sometimes it isn't.  I usually don't get one when they go on field trips, I think they have a lot on their plates on those days.  I was pleasantly surprised this Friday.

I thought I would share with you what Haley's teacher wrote:

"Haley enjoyed our field trip today.   She loved looking at the cats.  We have noticed she has been coming out of her shell more.  She will sit at her desk and talk to herself and those around her.  She really loved our cooking lesson and Friday movie - Lady and the Tramp.  She had some beans and a hot dog.  She also helped pick up trash around school grounds as part of service day."

On the chart that ticks off what she did it said; Reading - labels, street signs, Cooking - beans and hot dogs, Math - using money to buy groceries, I chose to - color, PE - played with balls, Field Trip - walked to store.

I love to get that much information.  It gave me something to talk to Haley about.  She was really excited to tell me about her day.

She immediately went to the cupboard and got Lady and the Tramp out and then she wanted a snack.  I guess the beans and hot dog didn't fill her up.

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