Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Here

I know you probably thought I was long gone.  I feel long gone.  Anyway...

My first baby has been sick.  Again.  I don't know if she has what Haley had a week ago, or if it is something else.  It looks like something else and it acts like something else.  I really hope it's not something else 'cause that might mean that Haley will get it too. 




I really can't stand it when my kids are sick.  I would rather that I was sick.  I won't say that I would rather my husband was sick, that is another ball of wax altogether.

My life has been going along about the same as it usually does.  I just hear my daughter suffering and see my daughter suffering and I worry.  It's what I do.  I am still getting most of what I need to do done. 

Most of it.  I finally cleaned the floors today.  And I haven't been blogging.  Sorry.

Haley is fine.

Haley is normal.  She is doing her normal things. 

She has been playing with her stable - I am so glad I got that for her. 

She has been playing with her dolls. 

She has been watching train videos. 

She has been watching "the extra stuff" on her favorite movies on the laptop.  I love it when she does that, she can click around to her heart's content and I don't have to do it for her.

She has been eating us out of house and home.


I hope everyone at your house is well.

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