Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making Plans

Haley brought home a drawing yesterday.  Someone had folded a piece of paper into quarters and numbered each quarter.  There was a pencil sketch in each quarter.  Haley was really excited about it. 

She showed it to me and I asked her what it was.  She pointed to each drawing in turn.  Number one was a frog, number two was a bird, number three was a pig and number four was a tiger.  I recognized most of them.  I was glad she told me that number four was a tiger, I thought it was a cat.

She put the drawing on the refrigerator.  She likes to hang her artwork on the refrigerator.  She hangs something on the refrigerator everyday.  She is not particular.  It doesn't have to be her own work.

This morning she pointed to the drawing on the refrigerator and told me about all of the animals again.  Then she got out a dry erase marker, she wanted me to write cat, frog, pig and bird on the white board. Apparently the tiger is a cat this morning. 

I told her that she could write those words. 

She didn't buy it.

I started spelling the words for her, I know she knows her letters.  I thought she would write them as I said them.  She wasn't fooled, she wanted me to write them. 

I held my hand over hers and we wrote C A T and F R O G and B I R D and P I G. 

She read the words again.  Then she said "animals" and then she said "zoo."   Then she pointed at the calendar on the refrigerator and she wanted me to write zoo on the calendar.  I hesitated and then I wrote it.

I went upstairs to get something and pretty soon Haley was behind me.  I turned to see what she was up to and she held out a dollar to me.  She said "dollar."  I said "Yes, that is a dollar."  She turned and went back downstairs.  I have no idea where that dollar came from. 

I went downstairs again and found her in the kitchen.  When I walked in she said "money."  She had her wallet on the island and was counting dimes.  She said "One, two, three, four, five."  I looked and sure enough she had five dimes.  I told her that she was right and that she had 50 cents.  I opened her wallet and found the five dollar bill that I knew was in there.  I added the dollar to it and asked her what she had.  We talked about the five and the one and I told her she had six.  We put all of the money in her wallet.  She turned to me and held up the wallet and said "money, zoo, go see animals."

Haley's sister has been wanting to go to the zoo as well.  I wrote it on Saturday.  I hope Big Sis is feeling better by then. 

As far as Haley is concerned we are going.

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