Monday, January 31, 2011

Not What I Expected

So, if you remember, Haley had a Zoo trip planned.

We went on Saturday.

We decided to take the Metropolitan Area Express, or MAX for short.  It makes the trip to the Zoo a bit longer, but it also makes it a little less of a hassle.  I don't like to park at the Zoo.  I have had some experiences parking at the Zoo that I would like to forget, I can't, but I would like to. 

I was excited to ride MAX because I thought Haley would be excited to ride MAX.

She wasn't.

It's not like she had a fit and wouldn't get on.  She just seemed luke warm about it.  She was quiet.  She sat still and looked out of the window occasionally, she played with the horses in her purse.

She repeated the announcements that came over the speaker before and after each stop.  That was kind of funny because what she was repeating was Spanish.  A female voice comes on and says "The doors are closing." and then a male voice comes on and says the same thing in Spanish.  I don't know Spanish, but I got that puertas means doors, the rest, not so much.  Haley repeated the last sound she heard.  I don't know what it was.

She started asking me about the Zoo, like she thought I was pulling her leg and we were never going to get to the Zoo.  I kept trying to reassure her, that indeed we were on the way to the Zoo and that we would be there soon.  It didn't help.  She kept asking me and her tone got more and more irate.  Her sister and her Dad tried to tell her the same thing.  She wasn't buying it.

Finally when we got close I pointed to the sign that changed with each stop.  I said "What does that say?" because I know she recognizes the word ZOO.  We then entered the tunnel.  

She likes tunnels.

She perked up a little bit.

When we got off of the elevator and walked out into the light she finally saw what it was that she was expecting.  She was happy.

We thought she would like the ride on MAX, but I guess we can't really be sure of anything can we. 

There is more about Haley's trip to the Zoo to come.


  1. Our kiddos like to give us a run for our money don't they? :) Elijah does that too - I'll think he'll love something and he doesn't...I'll think he will hate something and he loves it. I guess I just need to keep trying different things.

  2. Yes, it is a constant guessing game. Even when she tells me what she wants I don't always believe her. I don't think she knows what she wants half of the time. Never a dull moment...



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