Saturday, January 1, 2011

Time Off

Winter vacation is winding down.  We have had a very nice holiday so far.

Haley enjoyed Christmas.  She was so excited to see some new presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, but she was obviously a bit disappointed in her gift.  She got pajamas, of course, and I think she was expecting something else.

Christmas morning was what she was waiting for.  She sat in front of the tree enjoying her "gift from Santa"  we always have one unwrapped present under the tree and this year Haley got a stable for her horses.  She loves to carry it around the house and put her horses inside it.

She loved her stocking surprises, she got two Hot Wheels cars as well as two miniature Schleich horses along with her candy.  I asked her what her horses names were.  The sounds she made became the horses names, one is Lea and the other is Ila.

It took us about a half an hour to open the gifts that were under the tree.  We were thankful that Grandma C had wrapped several gifts for Haley, because she just kept wanting to open more.  She tried to open some of her sister's gifts for her as well.  My Mom gave Haley a sticker book of horses, a beautiful wall hanging with horses on it and two Schleich horses.  Haley named one of them something that sounded like Elliot so that is it's name now, the other one matches a horse in the sticker book that is called a Shire Horse so that became it's name.

We gave Haley a Thomas the Tank Engine video set, a video about the Southern Pacific and a Shrek Christmas DVD.  My husband made her a calendar of some of his railroad photography and her sister gave her a really cool Toy Story 3 figurine set. 

She really loves her gifts.

We packed for our trip up to Grandma and Grandpa's in the afternoon.  The next day we headed north to visit them.  Haley got to do all of the things she expects to do at Grandma and Grandpa's and they both commented that she didn't seem quite as shy as she usually does.

They know what she likes and they gave her a DVD about the 844, another one of her favorite engines and a pair of socks with horses on them.  She also got some money, but she wasn't as thrilled with that as I expected her to be.  I am sure that will change when I tell her that she can go shopping.

The morning we were leaving I asked Haley if she was ready to go home and she said "Yeah, Shadow lap."  She wanted to see her cat, so I know she had enjoyed her trip, but she was done. 

We have been very lazy this holiday, which is nice. 

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