Friday, January 7, 2011

Toy Surprise

So, Haley came home with another toy surprise in her backpack today.  Again, no explanation.

It is a Leap Frog digital watch.  She thinks it is cool, of course, because they gave it to her at school.  I asked her if it was a prize or a treasure.  No answer.  I didn't really expect one.

They sent home the form that they usually send home. 

The note at the bottom of the form said how excited she was to share that she talked to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone last night.  Translation:  She listened to Grandma and Grandpa talk.  She gets to listen on the extension while her Dad talks to his parents.  All three of them ask her questions, but they never get responses.  Sometimes she nods her head or kind of silently giggles, but that is usually it.  I heard that she said "Hi" and "Bye" last night.

The note said that she was very happy today.  That she worked really hard.  That she watched Peter Pan during seventh period and that she enjoyed it.  It didn't say anything about the watch.

Her Dad set the time for her and put it on her wrist.

It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.  I actually have been thinking about getting her an identifying bracelet.  One that says what she cannnot, her name, my name, our phone number, her disability.  I haven't gotten her one yet because I was afraid that she wouldn't wear it.  It wouldn't be as bulky as the watch.

We shall see.

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