Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting There

This summer I have been trying to get Haley to use the bathroom by herself.  I just started telling her to go.  What do you know, it worked.

I say "Haley, do you need to use the bathroom?"  She usually says "Yeah."  Then I say "Go."

She goes in to the bathroom, turns on the light and shuts the door.

I wait.

I hear *tinkle, tinkle tinkle* and then she knocks.

I go in to the bathroom and she wants me to help her finish up.  I don't, but I do talk her through it.

"Take off your pants... put on a new pull-up... put on your pants... flush.  Good job!"

Then as she leaves the bathroom I ask her to shut off the light.  Each time she gets a little better, but she would be happy to let me do it for her.

I have been really consistent this last week.

Then I went to work this morning and forgot to tell her sister and her dad what I have been doing.

I came home and asked how the day went.  Apparently she put her pants on for her dad.  I still have to ask her sister.

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