Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Guided Tour

Summer is almost over and although I go to the zoo and back twice a week, we have not been to the zoo since that first trip.

We decided we needed to go.

Haley's Big Sis and I planned the trip and decided not to tell Haley until it was time to go. Her sister wanted to be the one to surprise her, so we went about our normal morning routine. The exception being that Big Sis got up early. When it was time to get Haley dressed we went upstairs and her sister was busy doing her hair.

"Haley, ask your sister where we are going," I said.  She looked at her sister. 

Big Sis said "The Zoo!"

Haley said "Yay!"

I said "Do you want to go to the Zoo?"


On the ride to the zoo Haley's Big Sis turned around in her seat and started telling Haley all about the animals. Things she had learned working at the zoo the last two months. She was excited to share these things with Haley. I don't think I have really heard her talk much about the zoo to Haley. I think she was afraid that Haley would get upset. Now was the time, though, and it all started coming out.

As we walked around the zoo and looked at the different animals Big Sis would add her knowledge. I don't know how much Haley appreciated the running commentary, but I sure did.

Not only did I learn a lot about the animals in the zoo, I learned that my daughter learned a lot. She was very enthusiastic and cheerful and helpful. She even explained things to other kids and adults that we would encounter.  If a child made an exclamation about an animal or asked a question, she answered them.

We did just about everything there is to do at the zoo.

Haley got to go in to the pens and pet both kinds of goats that her sister has been working with all summer.  Some of the other Zoo Teens recognized her and asked her why she was at the zoo on her day off.  They also asked questions about Haley, she answered those questions in much the same way that she had answered questions about animals.

I was so proud of her.

I think Haley and her sister enjoyed the zoo just a little more this time and so did I.

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  1. I'm so proud of those girls! They are such good sisters and they really love each other.



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