Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Ask Me

I have a new job and I am loving it.

I have wanted a job for awhile, but I have been worried that I couldn't pull it off.  When the girls are in school it seems doable, but then I think about summer. 

How could I leave them in the summer?

A job opportunity came up a while back and it seemed perfect, the adminstirave assitant position at my church.  My husband and I talked about it very seriously, but there were some concerns.  Haley's sister is my go to sitter, but I don't want to take advantage of her and expect her to watch her sister every day. I have a feeling that when they are older her sister will take on a lot of responsibility for Haley.  I don't want that to happen too soon.  The more we talked the more we realized that it just wouldn't work.

Things have changed since then. 

My husband works from home full time now.  I can't really expect him to pay attention to Haley because he is working, but it makes it seem more possible because at least her can get her off of the bus. 

The church hired an adminstrative assistant and she is great.  She is on maternity leave now, she had her baby a couple of days ago.  I was asked to be an interim adminstrive assistant part time.  I share the job with another friend from church, I work two days a week.

I have asked Haley's Big Sis to be responsible for her while I am gone.  Their dad is home, but they are supposed to act as if he is not there.  They are not to bother him, but he is there if they need him. 

I have worked five days now and there are some issues that have come up.

I came home one day and gave Haley a hug, she had really bad breath.  I asked her if she had had anything to drink.  I looked around and didn't see any glasses that looked like she had been drinking out of them.  I asked her sister.  She hadn't asked for a drink.  That is so odd, because she asks me for drinks all day long.

There was food on the counter.  Haley gets leftovers out of the fridge and puts them on the counter sometimes, that means that she is hungry.  I asked if she had fed her. She said she had had lunch.  Haley sometimes eats two or three "lunches" a day and she always asks me for snacks.  Apparently she is not doing that for her sister.

Her sister is taking her to the bathroom and changing her.  That is good, but I have asked her to make sure to offer snacks and drinks.

I think she is doing a good job of taking care of her, I just find it interesting that Haley doesn't ask for as much from her as she does from me.

I wonder what that is about?

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