Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One and the Same

Haley and our cat are basically the same.

They both overreact when someone sneezes:

Shadow jumps and looks around for the offender - he seems to be worried that it is only a warning strike and that something more horrendous is sure to happen. Haley immediately goes in to imitation mode and makes disgusting noises endlessly.

They both want the same thing:

Shadow wants to be out of his room. Haley wants Shadow to be out of his room. They conspire. Haley will follow him around the house watching him, watching him do whatever nasty thing he wants to do, she doesn't try to stop him or warn us.

They both want food all the time:

Haley's insatiability is well documented here. I usually let Shadow outside in the morning, clean his room (the laundry room) and give him fresh water and food. When he comes in a little later he looks at his food bowl as if it is empty and then looks up at the cabinet where his food is stored, looks at the bowl, looks at the cabinet, looks at the bowl...

They both know that I am the mother:

It doesn't matter to either of them who is with them and how well they are being cared for and loved; if I walk in to the house (or the room) they both

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