Sunday, October 21, 2012


Haley had so much fun yesterday chasing the Daylight.  Her Dad told her that she would get to do it again today.  Well, yesterday her told her that she would get to do it again tomorrow.  

So she was excited.


She got me up a couple of times last night.  She got up early this morning.  It was actually the time that she usually gets up for school, but it was too early for me.  I figured that she was fine downstairs on her laptop so I fell back asleep.  Her Dad got up.

I think he forgot to tell her that she would see the Daylight later in the day.

The thing was that the train pulled by the Daylight headed to Bend, Oregon yesterday.  Haley and her Dad didn't follow it all the way to Bend.  They stopped at some point and headed home.  They stopped for dinner at Subway and then got home around 7:30 pm.  So today her Dad planned to wait until the train was about two hours away and head out and follow it back to Portland.

Haley was excited.

She wanted to go and see the Daylight this morning.  I knew that because when she went to bed last night she said "Daylight. Good Morning."  

I just let it go.  

She didn't get upset today.  I went to church with Haley's Big Sis and her friend that stayed the night, like we always do.  Haley and her Dad didn't go train watching first thing in the morning like they usually do.  After lunch Haley's Big Sis wanted to go out and run some errands and then we took her friend back home.  When we got home I was sitting in the living room and Haley came in and said "Again."

"What?"  I said.


I knew what she meant.  She knew that she was going to see the Daylight again.  She was being extremely patient as far as I was concerned.  

Later on when I was upstairs in my bedroom Haley came in a pointed out the window.  She was excited that her grandparents car was still in the culdesac.  I told her that after she and her Dad followed the Daylight they would bring Grandma and Grandpa back to our house.  That made her happy.

It took a long time, but her Dad finally came down the stairs this evening and told me that the train was about two hours away.  He told me because I was trying to figure out when to start dinner and when I should plan to serve it.  I think Haley heard him because she came running in to the room.  He told her that she could get ready and she got excited all over again.

She ran to get her shoes and her coat and her Daylight hat.

I ran in to get her picture.


And then they were off.


~ Haley's Mom

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