Friday, October 12, 2012

Awesome Greeting

I worked today until 4:00 pm.  So I wasn't home when Haley got home from school.  Again.

When I come home I open the garage door as I drive up.  Haley must hear it because she usually is at the door to greet me.  Usually she just sees that it is in fact me and then she goes back in the house.

Today when I came around the car she was standing in the doorway.

I said "Hi, Babe."

She said "Hi."

I said "How are you?"

She said "Yeah.  How are you?"

I said "I am good.  Thank you."

She said "Stay home tomorrow!"

I said "Yes, you are right, you get to stay home tomorrow."

She proceeded to say "Whoo. Hooo.  Yay!  Woooo!" and the like.

I gave her a hug and went up the stairs to talk to her Dad.

He said "That was a nice greeting."

I said "It was an Awesome Greeting."

He said "Her sister got a similar one."

Thank goodness it's Friday.  Right?

~ Haley's Mom

I am participating in 31 for 21 Blog Challenge this month. The challenge I have accepted is to blog every day in October to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Learn more about Down Syndrome at the National Association of Down Syndrome.

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