Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Gone

At the beginning of the summer Haley's grandparents came for a visit.  Haley's grandma noticed that Haley was not tracking her Daylight Dollars at the time.  She encouraged Haley to do that.

Haley decided that she wanted the 'HO' scale model of the Daylight steam engine.  That model costs around $300.  Part of me just wanted to talk her out of it, but I went ahead and made a chart with as many squares as I could get on it.  It turned out to be 120.  I thought if she got that far I may consider letting her buy the engine.  In the back of my mind I thought that would never happen.

So Haley started taking out the recycling again.

This time I gave her two dollars each time she took out the recycling because we have two baskets.  She needs to do some sorting.  We are supposed to separate the glass from everything else.

She was doing a great job.

She got up to $30 on her chart.

She showed me a DVD online that I could tell she wanted.  It was about the Daylight.  Then she showed me a DVD in her train catalog that she gets.  It wasn't the same DVD, but it was also about the Daylight.  Then she pointed to the chart on the refrigerator and said "Money."

I said "Yes, you have enough money for one of those DVD's."

She wanted one of those DVD's.

I asked her to show her Dad, I thought that he might be able to tell from the descriptions if they would be good.  He looked at them and said that he thought she would like them both.  So I told her if she really wanted a DVD she was going to have to choose between them.

She chose the one from the online store.

I said "Are you sure you want to buy this DVD with your money?  It will take all of it."  

She said "Yeah."  

I explained to her that it would take several days to get it.  I told her that it would come in the mail.  "So, you will have to wait for it.  Do you want me to buy it for you with your money.?"

She said "Yeah."

So I ordered the DVD.  She was so excited.  She was very patient.

Then it came in the mail.  She gets so excited every time we get a package.  They are rarely for her, but she always wants to see.  This time it was for her.

We opened the package.  Then I went over to the chart and I erased it.  I told her that she spent all of her money on her DVD and that her money was all gone.

She repeated "All gone."

She watched her DVD.

Then she brought me her catalog and pointed to the other DVD.

"Haley, your money is all gone."  I said.

"ALL GONE!" she yelled.  

She was mad at me for the rest of the day.  

So we started another chart.

~ Haley's Mom

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