Monday, October 15, 2012

Look What I Got

Are you on Pinterest?  I am.  I love it.  

I spend a lot of my "free time" on it.  It is useful, we have been eating really well lately.  I have found fun new recipes for meals and treats and I have found some really cool gadgets.

I love a really cool gadget.  Don't you?

So this is what I found.

This is not my picture.

 It is called MagicTap.

You put it on your bottle and put batteries in it and it pumps your beverage with the slightest touch of the glass.

I thought that if I put Haley's "juice" in it she could get her own juice. 

We got it a couple of weeks ago.

I filled it with juice and tested it.  It is awesome.  It doesn't even drip.

When Haley got home from school I showed her how to do it.  I made her hold her glass up to it while it was in the refrigerator.  She wanted to put her glass under the blue lever, but I showed her that she has to have her glass on top of the blue lever.  Magically her glass filled with juice.  I told her to take it away and the flow stopped.  

Haley drinks from a double walled cup with a lid and a straw.  I have to put the lid on for her, but other than that she can get her own drink.  She knows how to get the glass down from the cupboard, she knows how to put ice in it and now she knows how to get her own juice.  Then she can get a straw and a lid and I can help her the rest of the way.  If she didn't have to put a lid on her cup she could do it all by herself, but I like the lid.  I know it won't keep her cup from spilling, but it makes me feel better.  

The truth is that she drinks her juice so fast it never would have a chance to spill.

So that was the idea.  I had no idea how long it might take for my plan to work.  She kept bringing me her cup and then I would say "You can do it."  and I would walk over to the refrigerator with her and have her open the door and hold her glass under the MagicTap.  After I put the lid on for her I would say "Good job, you did it!" and we would high five.  

Even though she knew what to do and she could do it herself she still wanted me to get her juice for her, but I was strong.  I made her do it herself every time.

Today I was sitting at the kitchen table and she walked in to the kitchen.  She never said a word to me.  She got a cup.  She got some ice.  She got her drink.  She got a straw and a lid and she brought the cup to me so that I could put the lid on for her.  

I was so proud.

It took less than two weeks for her to do that.

I told her Dad.  He said "Yeah, she did that for me last Friday." 


Oh, well.  At least she did it.

I am still so proud.

~ Haley's Mom

p.s. -  I was in no way remunerated for my unsolicited appraisal of this product, but if you want one for yourself check it out at buymagictap (dot) com

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