Friday, October 26, 2012


Haley was coming down the steps of the bus differently than usual.  I noticed that she was stepping one foot in front of the other.  I actually couldn't tell you how she usually steps off of the bus, but I knew that this was different.

I said "What are you doing?"

She was giggling.  A lot.

As she stepped to the pavement the bus driver said "Her pants are falling down."

Sure enough as she began to pass me I turned and I saw her bottom completely exposed.

"Whoa, Haley, what the heck!"  I exclaimed.

I waved at the bus driver and grabbed Haley's pants, hiking them up as she continued to walk to the front door.  I watched as she walked away, her pants slowly slipping down her hips yet again.

It was then that I remembered getting her dressed that morning.  She wanted to wear her new jeans.  The jeans that I didn't try on her at the store.  

Haley and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago.  Just before her confirmation.  We actually went shopping for a nice outfit for her confirmation, which we found.  One outfit is never enough for Haley, however.  She actually needed long pants.  She has been wearing my shorts and capris all summer and in to the fall, but her one-on-one helper mentioned that she was cold and needed socks and shoes.  By inference I understood that she also needed pants that covered her calves and ankles.  So we tried on about six pairs of pants, a couple of dresses and several tops.  

She had had enough.  

After watching her try on so many things I felt like I knew what size she wears.  

She had tried on a pair of jeans that were size 6 R, they fit really well, but were really long.  So we went back to the rack and I picked up a pair of jeans that were size 6 S, presumably for short?  I held them up to her and they were the right length.  We didn't try them on.

When I put them on her at home they were not the right size.  They were close, but not quite right.  She needed a belt with them.  I got one of my belts and put it on her.  That worked, somewhat.  That was a week ago.  So in the morning when I put her jeans on her I thought to myself that the belt she had worn the week before had seemed bulky.  I wanted to try a different belt.  

I planned to go to my closet and get another belt after the rest of our morning routine.

We went in to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and fixed her hair.  I washed her glasses and put them on her.  Usually after I do that we go downstairs.  

That is what we did.  

When we got downstairs I put her socks and shoes on her and then got her backpack and coat.  I was in Normal Mode.  I didn't think about her belt again.

So her pants had been falling down all day.  

At least she thought it was funny.

~ Haley's Mom

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