Monday, October 8, 2012

Thank You

The Confirmation ceremony at our church Sunday was lovely.

The other young lady gave her speech, and did a wonderful job, and then both of our families went up to the altar.  The only answer Haley had to give was "yes."  She was a bit apprehensive about kneeling on the kneeler.  We hadn't practiced that, but she did it.

After church Haley got a card from a member of the congregation.  We had to stop right there and open the card and read it to her, she loved it.

Several people congratulated her.

I told her that she could say "Thank you."

She sheepishly said it, it sounded like "kew."

There was a Harvest Party right after church.  Everyone that came in to the party saw Haley and said something to her, either "Congratulations" or "there's the woman of the day."  Things like that. 

Each time someone acknowledged her she seemed to get more comfortable, and she would say Thank You just a little louder. 

We had a lot of fun at the Harvest party. There were games and a "hay ride" which was two kids in a wagon behind a four-wheeler.  Haley seemed really interested in that, but when we got down close to it she just shook her head "no."  I tried several times and I told her that the four-wheeler would go really slow if she wanted it to, but she refused.  She giggled every time it went by and pointed and called it a car, but she would not ride behind it.

The family that hosted the Harvest Party had set up a photo area with hay bales and pitch forks and apples and straw hat.  Each family had their picture taken and all of the kids got together for some pictures. It was a lot of fun.

As the party was winding down the Mom of other young lady that was confirmed congratulated Haley and Haley said "Thank You," loud and clear.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I think that we had spent enough time with this family that Haley was really becoming familiar with them.  I think she also had finally gotten comfortable with being the center of attention. 

It was her day, and she knew it.

~ Haley's Mom

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