Thursday, October 4, 2012

That's a New One

Haley's Big Sis and I were sitting in the living room yesterday watching television, Haley was in the other room on her laptop.

Suddenly she made a series of really strange, really loud sounds.  Haley is usually quite vocal while she is on her laptop, laughing or singing or fake burping and blowing raspberries, but these were sounds that we really hadn't heard before.

Next thing we knew she was coming in to the living room.  She wasn't making any sounds anymore, but we could hear her footsteps.

She walked right in to the room and looked at both of us and then turned her back to us.

Then she stuck her fanny out and shook it back and forth.

I busted out laughing.  I looked over at her sister and she was so racked with giggles that she was covering her face with both of her hands and shaking.

I said "What in the world was that about?"

Haley just stood still, now facing me.

"Do you have to use the bathroom?"  I asked.

"Yeah."  Haley said and she turned and headed to the bathroom.

I couldn't make this stuff up!

~ Haley's Mom

I am participating in 31 for 21 Blog Challenge this month.  The challenge I have accepted is to blog every day in October to raise awareness for Down Syndrome.  Learn more about Down Syndrome at the National Association of Down Syndrome.

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