Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Magic Touch

Our cat Shadow, Haley's Little Brother, is an old curmudgeon.

He has been with us since Haley was a baby.  We think he is 75 years old in kitty years.  He acts every bit of it.

Every morning he scratches at the door of the laundry room.  He lives in there because he sprays, yes he is fixed, but he still sprays.  Haley lets him out at every opportunity, so we keep the door locked.  

Every morning I unlock the door and am greeted by one of two scenarios.  

He either wants to go outside, immediately, or he turns back around and kind of does his feed me because I am so cute dance.  

We feed him twice a day.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night.  He can eat everything we have given him and then ask for more.  So that is all he gets.

Whether he wants to go out or get fed I usually pick him up and hold him and pet him.  He puts up with it.  Then Haley will come over and nuzzle up to him and give him a kiss on the head.  Then he purrs.  Without fail.  

She has the Magic Touch.

He will purr for me sometimes.  Usually if he feels like he was being ignored or neglected, then I know he wants attention.  He will kind of hug me back and purr.  

He purrs for Haley every time.

She is really gentle with animals.   She has never been one of those kids that pulls tails or pokes eyes.  She has always been very caring and careful.  Animals seem to know that about her.  They know that she is different and they treat her differently.

Shadow and Haley have a very interesting relationship.  Haley loves Shadow to death.  She loves to find him wherever he is and pet him.  She likes to give him kisses on the top of the head.  She likes to have him sit on her lap.  She will pet him in order to keep him sitting with her.

She also does something that we have not figured out.

Shadow will be sleeping soundly on the couch.  We usually make a nice little nest for him with one of our soft blankets.  Haley will come out of nowhere and pull the blanket out from under him.  We have told her numerous times not to do it.  She gets a good talking to every time, but she still does it.  

I really don't understand what she is thinking.

Nevertheless when I am holding him and Haley walks up to him and gives him a kiss on the head, he purrs.

Go figure.

~ Haley's Mom

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