Monday, October 22, 2012

There They Are

Haley had a great time chasing the Daylight.  She really enjoyed having her grandparents here.  She really didn't need anything else, but her grandparents got her something anyway.

They got her a new Daylight shirt.  She immediately ran upstairs and put it on.

She was so excited and her face was really red because her grandparents were still here.

Today she wanted to wear it to school.  

As she was getting dressed I turned the light off in her room and shut the door so that she could see that it GLOWS IN THE DARK. It was just the steam and smoke that glowed, but it was fun.

When she got home from school I asked her if she had fun wearing her new shirt. 

She got very animated and started to tell me all about her shirt.  She told me that it was dark night, because the shirt is black. She pointed out the signals, the head light and the window where the engineer would sit.

Warning, things are about to get personal.


I warned you.

She wanted to show me more about her shirt, but she could not see what she wanted to see.  Her darn boobs were in the way.  She was trying to push them out of the way and squish them to see below them.  I was laughing so hard I had a hard time explaining to her that all she had to do was grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it out so that she could see what was happening down there.

I pulled her shirt out and said "See, there they are."

The cars behind the engine, that is.  

She said "There they are!"  

She pointed to the cars that were being pulled by the engine and the word "Daylight" and the number "4449."

Sometimes it sucks to be a girl.

~ Haley's Mom

I am participating in 31 for 21 Blog Challenge this month. The challenge I have accepted is to blog every day in October to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Learn more about Down Syndrome at the National Association of Down Syndrome.

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