Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is Challenging

I have taken on the challenge of 31 posts in October, which has 31 days.  That means a post each day.

It really is challenging.

Life is busy and complicated around here.  I know full well that we are not the busiest people in the world, but for me we are plenty busy.  It is not even so much what we are doing on a daily basis, it is that each one of the four people in this house has their own busy-ness.

I have a list that just seems to be getting longer of things that I need to do.  I have my job and my volunteer work.  I have the house to take care of, which means cleaning, planning, shopping and cooking.  There are even some things that I want to do, like go Fall school shopping with each of my daughters, read, knit and watch some of the shows that are filling up my DVR.

Haley's Dad works from home so he is busy all day and then he has a set list of chores that he does.  He rarely wavers from that list.  He also is planning for an event that is coming up.  He is in charge of a large part of it so he is busy with that.

Haley's Big Sis is a Senior in High School.  That, I am learning, is a job in itself.  She has Grad Night stuff.  She is choosing colleges that we will soon visit.  She is planning to play Basketball again this year so she is training for that.  And she has her classes that have homework and projects, so we need to go shopping for materials.

Haley is no exception.

When she gets home from school she has a routine that she follows.  It is one that she has made up for herself that she does not like to waver from.  I seem to be a big part of that routine.

She gets all out of sorts if I am not the one that gets her off of the bus.  I have been out running around a lot this week and my husband has been home for Haley when school is over.  I have not been home when Haley gets home at all this week.  I told him that I might be late again.  He said it would be fine, but he added that Haley wouldn't like it.  

I said "Really?  What does she say?"

"Oh, she doesn't say anything." he said.  "I can just tell that she doesn't like it."

I have an idea why.

When Haley wants something she knows that I will do it for her.  She likes to have drinks and snacks and she wants to watch DVD's.  I bet she has to work a little harder to get her Dad to do the same things for her.

So it seems like there have been a lot of things happening at our house all week at the same time.  It has felt a little crazy.  So it has been a challenge for me to have time to sit down and write a blog post.  If you have noticed, I have been posting quite late at night.  

That seems to be the only time that I can sit down and collect my thoughts.

I actually really like being challenged like this.  I think it is stretching my creativity.  I just need to work on planning a little better so I don't feel rushed at the end of the day.  Maybe by the end of the month I will have figured out how to do that.

In the meantime I hope you are enjoying the consistency of a post a day and I hope I can keep it up.

~ Haley's Mom

I am participating in 31 for 21 Blog Challenge this month. The challenge I have accepted is to blog every day in October to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Learn more about Down Syndrome at the National Association of Down Syndrome.

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