Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cake with Candles

Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake has always been one of Haley's favorite things about her birthday.  This year was no exception.  She knew the cake was made and frosted.  She is very good about waiting for dessert.  She has learned that she has to eat her meal before she can have dessert.

It's pretty funny actually how that connection has played out over the years.  If she wants a treat she will ask for food and then when she is done eating she will ask for the treat.  The first time she did this I didn't catch on until it was too late.  I just thought she was hungry, but in fact it was just logical to her that if she can't have the treat until she has eaten then she must eat in order to have the treat,  I was actually quite proud of her for thinking that through.

This is Haley enjoying her birthday cake with a candle on it.  We have given her the one candle on her piece of cake rather than thirteen candles on the whole cake because she can't even blow out the one candle by herself.  I don't see the point of frustrating her by giving her thirteen of them.  She likes her one candle though.  I help her blow it out.

You'll notice in this picture that she is not even trying to blow the candle out.  She makes the slightest blowing sound, but it doesn't have enough power to actually extinguish the flame.

So at lunch the next day Haley eats her lunch and then asks for cake.  I get up to cut her a slice and she says "Candle."

"You want me to put a candle on your cake?"


I set the cake down on the table in front of her.  She looks at me.  "Do you want me to sing?"


So I sing her the Birthday Song again and we blow out the candle and then she can eat her cake.

Haley has wanted me to put a candle on her piece of cake, light it, present it to her, and sing her the song every time she has had cake since then.  She has wanted this after lunch and after dinner.  She says "Cake with candle."

There is only one piece of cake left.

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