Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She Gets That From Her Dad

I hurt my back, or my neck, or both.  I was thinking that I might have slept on it wrong.  It has actually been building up for a while.  Thinking about it this morning, I think I may have aggravated it during the rock concert I attended last week.  Anyway, I don't feel like doing much.  I basically do what I have to and I am trying to rest.  Consequently my house is a mess.  I walk around and notice all of the things that need to be done, but I just can't bring myself to do them.

This morning Haley has taken the issue into her own hands.

Haley is neat.  She doesn't like things to be out of place.  I can't remember if I have written about this in my blog before, but I think she gets it from her Dad.  Her Dad is very neat.  Her Dad was raised by two very neat people.  I call him Mr. Clean.  He is just naturally tidy.  He does a great job of cleaning.  Apparently he has a kind of built in cleanliness meter because there have been times that I have cleaned something only to find him cleaning it again.

Haley likes a clean surface, whether it be on a desk that she wants to work on or on the table where she likes to eat her breakfast and snacks.  If there is something on that table she will either hand it to me or throw it on the floor.  I don't quite understand why it would be OK for the floor to be messy, but there you are. 

I have been sitting at my desk in the room that I call the library.  It is the kind of room that would be a dining room for some people, but we have made it into my office.  I am a messy person.  My desk is a mess.  Haley comes up to me and starts handing me the things that are on top of the desk.  I told her that those things are on the desk because I am using them, but as far as she can tell they are just messing up the desk.

So this morning Haley started cleaning up.  She lined up all of her VHS tapes on the floor and then wanted me to look at them.  I told her it would be great if she would put them in their cases.  So she did.  Next thing I know she is picking up items from the front entry.  Most of those items in the front entry are there because of her, but at least she picked them up. 

I have not felt like bending down to pick them up.  I was actually thinking about asking her Big Sis to pick them up, but if I do that she will want to be paid.  Haley seems to be willing to do it for free.  She is neat.  She gets that from her Dad.

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